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At the bottom of this page, one can find links to sites against terrorism, suicide bombings, kidnapping, hijacking, etc.

These sites are Salafi sites.  

General documents against terrorism:

(02) islamagainstterrorism.chm

(03) IslamDenouncesTerrorism.pdf

Suicide Bombings:

(04) Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen -The Suicide Bomber is Not A Martyr And Is In Hellfire.pdf

(05) Shaykh al-Albaanee on the Islamic Ruling on Suicide Bombings.pdf

(06) Shaikh Ibn Uthaimeen on Committing Suicide Attacking The Enemy by Blowing Oneself Up In a Car.pdf

(07) With Which Religion and Intellect are Suicide Bombings and Destruction Considered Jihaad.pdf

(08) The Major Scholars on the Salafee Position Towards the Suicide Bombings by the Khawaarij in Riyadh.pdf

Hijacking and Kidnapping:

(09) Shaikh Ibn Baz and Shaikh Ibn Jibreen on Hijacking and Kidnapping.pdf

9/11 and attacks on the U.S.A.

(10) The Mufti of Saudi Arabia on the New York Attacks (9-11).pdf

(11) Shaikh Salih as-Suhaymee on Recent Events in the US.pdf

Terrorism against Westerners and others in Saudi Arabia:

(12) Shaykh al-Fawzaan Refutes A Doubt of the Irhaabiyyeen Regarding Expelling the Mushrikeen From the Arabian Peninsula.pdf

Bin Laadin:

(13) The Advice of Shaykhul-Islaam Ibn Baaz (D.1420H) to Usaamah Ibn Laadin al-Khaarijee and A warning and Advice to all those who Traverse his Path.pdf

Saddaam Husayn:

(14) The Cataclysmic Tragedy of Saddaam Husayn.pdf

Algeria and terrorism:

(15) The Fatwaa of Imaam Ibn Baaz Concerning the Algerian Affair and additional Guidelines Concerning Terrorism and Revolt.pdf

(16) The Fatwaa of Imaam Ibnul-'Uthaymeen Concerning the Algerian Affair and additional Guidelines Concerning Terrorism and Revolt.pdf

Rallies and Demonstrations and Algeria:

(17) Fataawaa From the Imaams of Salafiyyah Concerning Rallies and Demonstrations and Additional Guidelines Concerning Revolt and Takfeer in Light of the Algerian Affair.pdf

Interview with Yemeni Shaykh (Imaam):

(18) Shaikh Muqbil Interview with Yemen Times.pdf

Salafis are called Wahhabis or Salafists by those who dislike them; Salafis dislike this term and believe that it is inaccurate, misleading and used as an insult against them.  They love and respect Imaam Muhammad Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab; but, they follow what he followed and not him; but, rather, they follow all of the scholars of Salafiyyah, past and present.  Salafiyyah began with the Prophet (Salaalahu 'alaihi wa salaam), the Sahaba (radi-allaahu 'anhum), and the two generations that followed them and learned directly from them.

Hijri date = Muslim Date or A.H. (after the Hijra).

Christian date = C.E. or Christian Era (which Christians call A.D.)

2006 C.E. = 1427 A.H.

2005 C.E. = 1426 A.H.

2004 C.E. = 1425 A.H.

2003 C.E. = 1424 A.H.

2002 C.E. = 1423 A.H.

2001 C.E. = 1422 A.H.

2000 C.E. = 1421 A.H.

1999 C.E. = 1420 A.H.

1998 C.E. = 1419 A.H.

1997 C.E. = 1418 A.H.

1996 C.E. = 1417 A.H.